Monday, April 29, 2013

Poem in Works & Days

I was thrilled to get an email a few days ago that my poem, "Magic Act for Peace" went live on Works & Days Quarterly.  The quarterly has one of the more beautiful set-ups I've seen online in a long time, and I'm so proud to be included in this quarter's issue alongside Elvis Alves, Ashley Suzan Beck, Jodi Page Corley, Lindsay Gilmour, Stephan Hengst, Steve Klepetar, Brigitte NaHoN, Willow Jane Sainsbury, Caroline Shaw, Katie Shima, Berndnaut Smilde, and Eric Wines.

The piece they accepted is my imagining of a world where nothing is wrong.  In class last semester, Marie Howe asked, "Can you imagine a world where no children are ever murdered?  Where there's no violence?" and we all agreed that it was nearly impossible.  And nonetheless, we tried to write such a place.  Here's what happened when I did: