Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Interview - The Missouri Review's Working Writers Series

I'm over at The Missouri Review with an embarrassingly long interview about my life as a working writer. I talk a lot about my hometown and how history plays into my work. It was a lot of fun talking with Tess, who is writing her journalism thesis on the authenticity of the reporter's persona, which sounds incredible to me and obviously has a little bit of an intersection with my poetry.

The Missouri Review Working Writers series is really interesting to me. They interview writers "who have not had success in the traditional sense. No major awards, no books in print, maybe only a few or no publications, but are still writing." They say that their goal is "to give voice to a wide range of writers, to learn from their experiences, and to open a discussion about living the craft," and I love reading this feature because I love interviews with writers, especially writers who are also everyday people. The blog also has a ton of other great features and posts, including Literature on Lockdown, which shares narratives from those who teach in prison and those who write from prison, which is a cause I care about a lot.

I hope you enjoy my interview and check out some of the many others available on the site!