Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Position - New York City Manager at Late Night Library

I am really excited to announce my new position as New York City Manager for Late Night Library. You've probably noticed that I've been doing an interview for them once a month, and that's one of my responsibilities now - hosting an episode of Late Night Conversation each month. I'm also handling all of our New York staff, and helping them to coordinate our NY-based shows and programs, and doing a healthy dose of fundraising as well.

I've been in the position since late March, and I'm really excited about all we've accomplished so far. Our executive director, Paul Martone, is an incredibly supportive and inspiring boss. He also works full-time, so he's understanding about my limitations, but his passion for the organization and its mission is palpable and pushes me to do the best work I can. Plus, everyone on staff is intelligent, interesting, and devoted to books. Being able to work with a great group of people, on some amazing programs, in support of writers and book culture? Pretty much a dream come true.

I hope you'll check out the site and listen to some podcasts soon!