Monday, March 2, 2015

Event Recap - Entry Level: Hiring and Getting Hired

It was so much fun to sit on a panel about entry level jobs for Sarah Lawrence grads last month. SLC is an amazing place that prepares its students to think analytically, problem solve, and write lucidly, no matter what you study there. And, when their creativity and passion come through, I think SLC grads are just about the best hires you can find.

In the panel, we covered basics like, "Dress as much like a conservative adult as you can muster, at least at the interview" and "Yeah, get a LinkedIn, it will help in the long run" and then answered questions both specific and general. I think my favorite moment was when one senior asked, "Should we be scared? Is the real world really as bad as it seems?" and every panelist said in unison, "Absolutely!"

It was also great to meet my fellow panelists, Mike Goodman and Alanna Duncan, who were both fantastic. Mike said something that has really stuck with me since the panel: "There's a moment where you realize that your work can be creative and exciting and challenging, and when you find that, you'll be more fulfilled by it than you ever thought you could be." I'm so thrilled to have found that fulfilling, creative work myself, and I hope that all the seniors and recent grads in the audience find theirs soon!