Thursday, August 25, 2016

On Vanity

A little nostalgic this week, and remembering the day last month when someone said, "The only thing Kristin likes more than taking photos is having her photo taken," so I wanted to share a bit more about this image of myself.

The party had what felt like a million rooms. This one had a bar with bottles of something ridiculously sweet, and there was a band playing jazz, I think. Everything was drenched in blue. Another was all yellow, and there was a DJ and tropical drinks. We danced a lot, and I wore incredibly uncomfortable silver heels. Was this the first time I ever flirted with a stranger? Probably. He and his friend paid for a cab home for my friend and me. I remember his friend got quite angry at me for some off-color joke I made. Looking back, I certainly shouldn't have made the joke.

The dress I'm wearing is the same one I wore to a dinner-cruise during my eighth grade trip to DC in 1999, which in 2006 felt like an entire lifetime ago. The dress is backless and navy blue and sparkled, and is actually quite lovely. At that dance, a girl in my year wore the most magnificent pink gown covered in little silk rosebuds. She was from Russia, and had been in Welcome to the Dollhouse. She was the first person I knew who wore a thong, which I could see peeking out from her white capris one morning when I sat behind her in history class.

Anyway, I love this photo because once I thought that was going to be my life, that every day would be just like that.