Friday, February 14, 2014

Interview - MFA Day Job

I'm over at MFA Day Job today, being interviewed about my writing life and my work life and how they fight against and complement each other.

MFA Day Job is a fantastic blog that showcases the incredible diversity of writers' careers, because we don't all just work in academia. They've featured people who work in many different fields, including software development, television production, and high school teachers. As the site says, "What they have in common, besides a misunderstood terminal (it’s terminal!) degree, is a creative outlook and a belief that their educational background, despite the doomsday warnings, is not a liability." Run by Leah Falk, it was inspired by a panel on non-academic jobs for writers, and I've found every interview to be a great read and refreshing.  I hope you enjoy my interview and check out some of the many others available on the site!