Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Late Night Conversation - Julia Fierro Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of interviewing the very talented Julia Fierro at her home in Brooklyn. She was one of the kindest people I've ever interviewed, and I really hope her warmth comes across in the interview, the way it does in her debut novel, Cutting Teeth. We spoke for well over an hour, and I know we could have talked for many more, if not for needing to close things down to trim the podcast. We talked about the anxious time that birthed Sackett Street Writers' Workshop, her process of writing, and why women writers get blasted for having unlikeable characters so often.

She was also nice enough to sign a copy of Cutting Teeth and give me a tote bag to pass on to one lucky listener. As of posting, it still hasn't been taken, so feel free to try your luck!

photo by Natalie Brasington

I hope you'll have a listen to the interview at Late Night Library! It was lovely talking to Julia, and I'm so excited to co-host this year's Battle of the Books with her in September. More details on that to come soon!