Friday, August 22, 2014

Article on A Practical Wedding

Very excited to announce that that my piece, "Self-Portrait with Beehive" is up on A Practical Wedding this morning!

I found A Practical Wedding when a friend was planning her small lunch reception in 2009. (Fittingly, she was actually the one who complimented my hair at her own wedding.) Even though getting married couldn't be further from my mind at that point, I loved the website for its fun combination of feminism, relationship advice, and community. I actually met some of my closest friends through the site.

And, a few of them helped me edit this piece, which I'm so excited to have up on APW today. I wrote about hair, a topic that weighs on my mind as heavily as it does on most American women's, I think. (I actually prepared for an oral exam on hair in Civil War literature back in college, which was fascinating, by the way.) I think our hair is a symbol of so many things, and for me, cutting it short meant freedom.  But first, there was one hairstyle I had to try.

I hope you'll have a read! And just in case you're wondering, here's what it looked like:

Photo by Frank and Telmo of Natural Expressions NY